ICBMED-Notarized Medical Translation Seal

Validate and certify that the medical translation you have been delivered by a third party in English or Spanish meets the linguistic, legal, and medical requirements, and quality standards established by ICBMED’s International Board of Medical Translation Notarization – the only international medical translations body capable of certifying medical document translations into Spanish or English.

The ICBMED-Notarized Medical Translation Seal is granted only after your translation has passed ICBMED’s Notarized Medical Translation Proficiency Test.  To be eligible for ICBMED-Notarized Medical Translation Seal, your translation needs to pass each of the following five quality items:


The Spanish language used in the translation abides by the rules set by the Spanish Royal Academy of Language


The English language used in the translation does not contain any grammatical, semantic or syntactic errors and abides by the Rules and Elements of Style for Writing Scientific Journal Articles established by Elsevier


The medical terminology used in English and Spanish is 100% consistent with the medical language used in the papers published by the National Institutes of Health


This item measures whether the translator who conducted the translation is:

    1. a native speaker in the target language (English or Spanish).
    2. has a PhD or is a PhD candidate selected according to the field of study.
    3. has been accredited by ICBMED as a medical translator or writer. 

The English or Spanish translation is fully compliant with the U.S. HIPAA Privacy Rule and foreign E.U. GDPR Regulation